Alternatives to MyJobQuote

MyJobQuote is a great site for those in the UK, who want to hire licensed specialists for any job. Homeowners can connect with reputable, honest, licensed contractors and tradesmen, for any type of work they need to have performed outside the home.

What is MyJobQuote?

It is basically a rating and referral site. Homeowners who want to have siding work done on their home, want to repave the driveway, or do other work around their home, are looking to hire contractors. Of course, you want to hire those who are licensed and certified. This site is going to help connect you (the owner), to a qualified lead (the contractor or tradesperson).

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What are benefits of using sites like Myjobquote? The obvious being you will find licensed professionals, other benefits include:

  • Quick and easy assessments, you can learn about job history and other criteria in no time.
  • You have access to thousands of professionals in one place, limiting how long it will take to find the right one.
  • You can narrow down search parameters, based upon credentials which are most important to you.
  • You can easily view licenses, ratings, reviews, and other information, about top professionals.

There are some drawbacks to using sites like Myjobquote which include:

  • The “bias-factor.” Many people will post more than one review if they aren’t happy with work.
  • You simply fill out a quick form, and you’re ready to find local professionals, but there aren’t guidelines as to who can be posted.
  • There is payment. When this is involved, the site will post anyone (even if they aren’t the best professionals).

There is a fee to post services as a tradesperson or contractor. This will depend on postal-code (area), the type of work you do, and other subscription fees. So, if you want to get more work, this is a good way to do so locally.

Benefits of Alternatives to MyJobQuote

If nothing more, you can compare more professionals prior to hiring one, when you review and compare several sites. So, you know who you are dealing with. As a tradesperson, you will pay less to post services for your work if you compare sites prior to posting on one as well. Some additional benefits include:

  • There are more open jobs/customers to choose from.
  • You can bid on work. As a tradesperson, you can choose the bids which are closest to your fee.
  • There are more ways to find local jobs, and word of mouth referrals going forward as well. If you work as a trade-professional, the more places you can list your services, the better it will be. So, whether you choose to list with this site, or want to use an alternative, you can get your name out there. These are a few additional sites to consider, which will help you find the best job posting board, in order to make more profits in your local market.

1. FindaTrade

This is one of the best sites like myjobquote, as it helps you find local tradespeople. Not only can you find them based upon the trade/work they perform, but also search based on reviews and ratings.

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Some similarities are:
  • Jobs are posted by category or trade.
  • You can narrow down searches to find the top professionals in your area.
  • You can choose based upon duration, job type, and other specific parameters.
Some differences are:
  • This site lists based on trade-areas, not general work-type.
  • There aren’t as many professionals listed (which is good for tradespeople).
  • There are different ways to post services, and garner new clients.

For trades professionals, you can post jobs for free. However, there are fees for receiving the leads, for different jobs which are posted on the site. Depending on the cost of the job you are hired for, you will pay the website a fee, for the quote/lead which they provided. You can visit the site to find out how the fees work, what you will pay, and if there are differences based upon which type of job you take, or choose to reject as a professional.


A second alternative to myjobquote is this site. You can check local tradesmen in your area, see online reviews, work they’ve done, and other relevant information about their credentials, prior to hiring them.


Similarities to other sites are:
  • Posting is done by criteria/category (or the type of trade).
  • There are several trade categories you can list services under.
  • It is possible to get higher ratings by building your reputation and doing more work.
Some of the differences include:
  • The job site is more inclined to provide leads based on area, rather than trade.
  • There are search parameters to restrict terms and types of trade work.
  • Listing fees are going to vary based on the trade or area of work.

As a tradesperson, when listing services on the site, you are going to pay a membership fee. Members can pay the cost to join over a 4-6-month period. And, over 90% of members tend to renew their membership. In order to find out how much you will pay, you have to call in to get a quote, which is based on the type of work, industry experience, and other relevant factors.


This is another alternative to Myjobquote for posting services online. As a builder, contractor, or professional that does construction-based services, this is a great place to post your services to local customers.


Some similarities with the sites include:
  • Services are posted on a daily basis, so you can always find new professionals.
  • There is a large pool of qualified, licensed professionals which you can choose from.
  • Contractors can post based on the type of work, duration, and other specific criteria.
Some of the differences include:
  • It's free to join.
  • The site does cater to construction and building. So, it is not so much for general contractors or tradespeople.
  • There are restrictions in place as to who can post, and how to post service offerings in any given area.

Like all sites, you will pay a fee to register as a member of the site. Fees are also charged when hired for a job, but they will vary. It is best to get a quote directly with the company, to learn more about pricing, and how the fee structures work on the site.


With over 75,000 job postings monthly, tradespeople can quickly and easily find more work online, and they can find leads to people who are ready to hire them to do the work right now.


Some similarities of the sites include:
  • It is a job posting portal, for contractors to find work.
  • People on the site are rated, based upon previous customer reviews.
  • Users can submit profiles, modify, and add information, to garner more attention.
The differences include:
  • The site is geared towards general contractors. Anyone can post their services.
  • There is a screening process. You are viewed, and only rated contractors are added.
  • The jobs which are posted, are more general in nature. So, the leads might not be as direct as with other sites.

As a contractor, there are fees you are going to pay in order to have your name listed and to offer services in your local area. An annual membership is about 150 pounds, or members can pay 30 pounds per month to register services. There are also fees which are deducted for each lead, and each job which a contractor is hired to do locally.


Plumbers, local contractors, general contractors, and more. If you need to find local tradespeople, who can perform a variety of services around the home, this is a great place to start the search.


Similarities to Myjobquote include:
  • A general posting-pool. You can post services, and contractors will find them.
  • There is more work to find, regardless of the type of work which has to be done locally.
  • There are different ways to list services, and get hired, when using the portal.
Some of the differences include:
  • The site lists local tradesmen. So, you might not find general contractors or specialists.
  • The listing areas will restrict where you can find or bid for local projects in the area.
  • The type of professionals which are listed are paying members (so this does cause a bit of bias if you are trying to find the most qualified in certain categories).

Fee paying members are required to pay per lead. Also, they are going to pay a percentage if they are hired for a job by a local customer. Depending on the price of services, and scope of services, these fees will vary for each job posted by locals in your area.