Alternatives to Integrify

Workflow management solutions are essential in building relationships and maintaining track of business changes as they occur. Sites like Integrify are going to provide you with this exact information as a business owner.

What is Integrify?

Integrify and alternatives to Integrify will provide you with workflow management solutions, as they are taking place within your organization. Rapid deployment and broad integration are a few of the key pieces of this software’s list of features which makes it a premier tool for customer relationship building.

If you need to automate business processes, then this is the ideal app to choose for your business. For both large and small businesses, this tool will allow you to automate processes, eliminate redundancy, and eliminate waste. All are not only beneficial in terms of cost/pricing, but also in building healthy relationships with your clients.

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Some of the benefits of using Integrify are:

  • Automation at its best. Don’t worry about forgetting to reorder supplies ever again.
  • Calendaring and notifications where you need them. Information about what is happening, when it is happening.
  • Consulting and integration services are provided. So, you get relevant information about how to use the app, and what features you need, in order to ensure you get the most out of the continual business process you are performing.

Some of the drawbacks of using sites like Integrify are:

  • Sometimes you need to modify things. So, with automation also comes the issue of waste if you don’t stay on top of things.
  • Latency may occur. If you don’t have to do a process, you might forget, or have issues performing it in the future.
  • You can track progress of workflow. However, if changes have to be made, you will still have to go in and do so manually.

The pricing to use Integrify will depend on various factors. The pricing is dependent on, the number of employees, type of tasks you need automated, the platform chosen (cloud or server), and users and type of user (who they are within your organization). So, before you get a price for services, you will have to get a quote with an agent who sells Integrify.

Benefits of Alternatives to Integrify

Integrify is not cheap. Although it will improve automation processes, it is also going to cost you. So, a major selling point of a lesser-known or chosen alternative will cost less money for most businesses. Some additional benefits may include:

  • More automation options (calendaring and scheduling).
  • You can choose custom dashboard features based upon your business needs.
  • You can easily choose functional tools, for your industry/niche.
  • You can custom-tailor a program based upon what your business does, and clients you serve. Of course, no two programs are alike. Therefore, if you would like better automation and waste elimination, this is a great tool. For businesses who are in search of a less costly alternative, below are a few sites to consider which are like Integrify.

1. Kiss Flow

This is one of the sites like Integrify which can help your business better allocate resources. It will automate, eliminate waste, and help your team function in a more operable manner, to ensure the highest levels of success.

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Some similarities are:
  • Drag and drop fields allow you to reorder processes as you need to.
  • Data capturing feature allows you to view relevant information.
  • Custom forms are specifically tailored towards your business needs as a company.
Some of the differences are:
  • You can custom tailor the workflow. Depending on when processes need to be completed, you can set up alerts.
  • You can choose how to modify or set up client information when setting up automation.
  • There is less redundancy and waste when using this, over other similar platforms.

For as little as $9 per month per each user, you will find this program is very affordable. This is for up to 10 users each month, and gives administrators full control of how and when to automate processes. It also allows for modifications as they have to be made within the organization as well, for optimal efficiency within.

2. Lean Kit

Another alternative site like Integrify is Lean Kit. Unlimited Kanban boards allow users to custom tailor the program for their industry needs, and better improve the efficiency and manner in which the company operates.

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Some similarities are:
  • It is easy to manage work and workflow. You choose how to set up these features.
  • You can easily automate processes, so they are done when they have to be.
  • The ability to remove/modify automation processes, to ensure the highest level of business flow/operations.
Some of the differences are:
  • Board template and collaboration tools are present. You can do more with cross-teams in your business.
  • You can easily create new automated tools, based upon your industry needs.
  • There are industry-specific tools, based upon the line of work your company is in.

There is a $19, $32, and a custom-tailored program you pay per month, per user. Depending on the specific industry and business needs, and the number of users, every company will choose a different alternative. It is best to compare functions and features, in order to ensure you do find the best fit, and of course affordable pricing, for the option you choose for your business needs.

3. WorkFlow Max

Automation at its finest. If there is a project or task that needs to be performed routinely, simply set it and forget it with Max. But, this is not the only benefit you will derive from this platform as a business owner.

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Some similarities to Integrify are:
  • Eases up the process of owning/operating a business.
  • It automates processes, ordering, suppliers, and other vendor activities as needed.
  • It opens up your schedule to deal with other matters, and frees your mind up as it pertains to trivial tasks.
Some of the differences are:
  • A lead and a client manager role are dedicated in the dashboard.
  • You can quote and estimate projects for clients easily.
  • You can track sales performance, leads, and proposals in one place easily.

The pricing for Workflow Max is $15 per month for one user. If you have up to 5 users, it is $49 per month. Pricing tiers go all the way up to $250 per month. This allows access for 21 to 50 employees or end users. Depending on company size and needs, you can also call in to customize a quote for your specific needs.

4. Process Maker

This is another alternative to Integrify for workflow management, and automation process needs. It gives you complete control of running a business, and task management, so you can tend to more important matters as a business owner.

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Some of the features which are similar to Integrify are:
  • Eliminates paperwork and redundancy in your organization.
  • It helps declutter the workload, and it allows you to fully automate workflow and capital.
  • It gives you control of the reigns in terms of personnel, vendors, suppliers, and other similar automated tasks/service needs.
Some differences include:
  • You can build custom case lists.
  • You can easily tailor or customize the dashboard based upon your industry and client needs.
  • You can use the code security scanner, and use the platform of iOS as well as Android, so you can use it on the go as well as in the office.

A standard plan for unlimited users, will run you about $1000 per month. For corporate and enterprise plans, which include custom support, 24/7 support, and other key features, you will have to call in to receive a quote, so a plan can be customized for your specific company needs.

5. JetPack Workflow

A final Integrify alternative is Jetpack. This automation system helps with importing and exporting clients. It gives you the ability to automate processes internally and externally as well.

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In terms of similarities to Integrify it features:
  • Full automation and custom automation setup.
  • Calendaring function and reminder notification. You choose when to automate and how to automate different tasks in your business.
  • You can set up references and duplicates to eliminate redundancy issues.
Some differences are:
  • Team collaboration and meeting setup can be done directly through your dashboard.
  • Fully customizable dashboard for better automation and functionality.
  • Unlimited jobs, clients, and listings.
  • And, you can receive one-on-one training, to better utilize the platform for your organization’s needs.

How much does Jetpack Workflow cost? For up to 2 users, you will pay $25 per month with unlimited access. You can also sign up for a 2-year term contract for a discounted price. For companies which will have more than 10-users, it is required that you call in or get a quote online. The pricing will vary based on the industry, uses, and the type of automation you desire within your organization as a business owner.