Alternatives to Express VPN

Anonymous browsing is something which is ideal for some businesses today, as well as for personal users. With ExpressVPN this is what you will get. Relying on a virtual private network, your IP address is hidden when you are searching, or performing other tasks online you don’t want others to see or know about.

What is Express VPN?

An express virtual private network is the way to search and the way to hide yourself online. Sites like ExpressVPN not only give you the anonymity you desire online, but can benefit you on many fronts. Whether you are looking to do better against competitors in your niche, or simply want to update sites and content without others knowing where changes are coming from, the sites like ExpressVPN will give you that liberty.

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Some of the benefits of using sites like ExpressVPN include:

  • Virtual privacy. Your IP address is hidden, so you can do more, visit more sites, and hide content, without others knowing where it is from.
  • You are wearing a virtual mask while you are online. You can turn on and off your VPN, with the switch of a button.
  • Super-fast speeds are possible, whether you are browsing or otherwise searching the web.
  • You can visit out-of-country sites, and visit those sites which are otherwise blocked where you live, since the “internet” doesn’t really know where you are located.

There are a few drawbacks to consider as well, which include:

  • You can’t use sites like PayPal or payment portals. In fact, many will ban you if you are on a VPN to make payments or receive them.
  • There are still things you can’t do/see. So, your virtual cloak is only going to take you so far.
  • Instant setup is possible, and so is optimal security. But, there are restrictions even a VPN can’t get around.
  • You are paying a premium for your virtual cloak; so, bear in mind the cost you are going to pay to use the service each month.

If you sign up for 12 months it will run $8.99 per month, you can also go month to month for $12.99 with the site. A 6-month plan will cost you $9.99.

Benefits of Alternatives to Express VPN

More security, lower prices, easier connectivity. These are a few of the benefits an alternative site can provide you, which you might not get with Express. You should also consider the anonymity and type of business you run, to determine which VPN is right for your company, and browsing needs while you are online.

It is important to understand limits, and how a VPN works prior to putting it to use. Further, you have to know which network is right for you, based upon your location. If you have used Express, or simply wish to compare a few of the alternative options you have, below are a few of the top options to consider, when the time comes for you to choose one.


This is one of the sites like ExpressVPN to consider when choosing your private network. Browsing is unlimited, security is high, and with a virtual code, you can easily mask your IP address anywhere.


Some similarities include:
  • The pricing point and plan options are similar to the other platform.
  • You have high-security and encryption which secures you online.
  • Your searches are completely masked while you are doing anything online.
Some of the differences include:
  • The plans are limited, as you only have one option to consider when you choose the site.
  • You can easily shop online, which isn’t something you can do on all VPNs.
  • There are more portals and access points, so you can choose where to mask your IP address from.

In terms of the pricing to use this virtual pricing network, you are looking at about $9 per month. If you are a business user, it is also possible for you to choose an extended plan option. You can call or visit the online site in order to find out more about this option, and to find out how much the price will be for business use.

2. Hamachi

This is another alternative to ExpressVPN. It not only gives you free-range for online searching, but allows you to shop, use payment portals, and search the web as you naturally would, if your IP weren’t hidden.

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Some similarities are:
  • The IP hiding capabilities. No one knows who you are or where you are searching from.
  • You can mask IP in the US as well as other regions of the world.
  • You can mask your IP to a foreign location, outside of the US if desired.
Some of the differences are:
  • The ability to shop and do more online which is blocked with other VPNs.
  • You can choose from several IP addresses, so you can continually switch them.
  • There are more masked IPs, meaning you’ll never have the same address twice.

A standard plan for 5 computers is going to run $49 per year. You can also choose a higher-level plan. The multi-network plan is the highest-tier. It allows for unlimited computers to be on the hidden network, and for this plan you are going to pay a price of $299 per year, so you can mask more, and do more in a business setting.

3. torGuard

This alternative to ExpressVPN is another option to consider for business or personal use. you can quickly and easily mask any IP, hide yourself online and run anonymous searches from anywhere in the world.

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Some similarities include:
  • There are multiple hidden network options you can choose from.
  • Many IP addresses means you always have a new, refreshed one.
  • You choose location, time, and other settings, with your IP online.
Some of the differences include:
  • You can visit unlocked and restricted websites.
  • You can go on sites which are outside of your country and usually blocked.
  • No logs, and a kill-switch feature, gives you even more online anonymity when working or searching for personal use.

An anonymous proxy will run $5.99 per month. You can also go with anonymous VPN at $9.99 per month, as well as anonymous email for $6.99 a month. Depending on what you do online, and whether it is used for business or for personal use, these are a few of the options you can choose from, all being fairly affordable, when you want to search online, and be hidden from the view of others online.

4. IP Vanish

With this platform you are basically vanishing your IP address from the web. With anonymous searches, various locations, and millions of refreshed VPN addresses each minute, your PC is constantly changing the code.

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Some similarities to ExpressVPN include:
  • Multiple IP addresses, so you always have a new one when you log on.
  • You can use different features to lock settings and hide your information.
  • Mobile devices, Mac, and PC users are secure with this plan.
Some of the differences in the platforms are:
  • 360-degree protection from hackers and other online threats.
  • A business mode. So, you can secure your business and online search habits.
  • P2P sharing, torrenting, and other tasks you do online, are hidden from public view.

At $77.99 per year, $10 per month, or $8.99 if you sign a 3-month deal up front, the pricing is fairly reasonable with this VPN as well. And, the fact that you can use it on multiple computers, as well as on mobile devices and on different operating systems, are a few of the many benefits of going through this virtual private network, if you want to stay anonymous when you are online.


This final alternative is a great option for virtual private surfing as well. You can search, email, edit your site, or otherwise perform online tasks, without anyone knowing who you are, or where you are located.


Some similarities to ExpressVPN include:
  • Security and anonymity built into one tool.
  • The ability to secure email, networks, proxies, and other settings.
  • You can choose the security levels, and you can choose how “hidden” you are online.
Some of the differences include:
  • 131 servers in 87-time zones. You’ll never have the same IP address.
  • IP addresses are always being refreshed, so you will always have a new code and new location setting when you log on/off.
  • It operates on Linux, Mac, Windows, and can be used on all mobile devices as well.

Due to the nature of online searches, searching anonymously is a great way to do more, without limits. In terms of the pricing to use this platform when you want to mask your IP address, you will pay $6.99 per month, or $3.99 per month if you sign up for the entire year. For 3-months, you can also do a $4.95 plan each month.