Alternatives to Enloop

Business plan software is an invaluable tool for businesses. With Enloop, this is exactly what you are going to have with your at your fingertips at all times. It is a cloud-based application. This means as long as you are online, you can edit, modify, share, and otherwise work on content within your business.

What is Enloop?

It is a business planning software. You can set up notifications, create new jobs or tasks, share company information, contact customers, and reach out to clients. Basically, it is a hub for you to run your business seamlessly, and stay in contact (in the loop), with your clients, vendors, customers, and of course your employees.

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So, what are the benefits of using sites like Enloop? Some include:

  • It allows you to import current and past financial documents.
  • It allows you to view, modify, and see cashflow, expenditures, and other relevant information, at any time.
  • It has an intuitive design and step-by-step instructions. You will learn how to use it, and know what has to be done to maximize efficiency.
  • It sets up business plans, prospects, and guides you, when you need resources or advice for financial improvement moving forward.

What are the drawbacks of using sites like Enloop? Some include:

  • It isn’t industry-specific. So, it is more of a generalized approach to guiding you with your financial assistance and guidance.
  • You can’t save business plans as Word documents. You must use everything on the cloud.
  • Operating expenses, budgets, and other reports, are not very in-depth in some areas.

What is the cost of using Enloop within your business infrastructure? At about $9.99 per month, per user, you can easily acclimate this program into most companies, regardless of the budget restrictions which might be in place. You can also get a quote for larger enterprises, and discounted pricing.

Benefits of Alternatives to Enloop

The cost-analysis is always one which should be considered when comparing sites like Enloop. So, if you are on a tight budget, you are best served by comparing a few alternative sites, to find one which is most affordable for your business use needs.

In addition to this, some of the reports are dated or lack depth. You don’t get the “whole-picture,” and this can sometimes hinder growth in financial development. Another drawback is the layout/format. Even though it is easy to use, the site is a little juvenile in comparison to other ERR and CRM tools you can use, when operating your business with online resources.

There are of course a number of options when it comes to managing your online success, financial success, and your business success moving forward. So, if you are looking for some alternatives to help you with financial budgeting and planning, you do have some viable solutions to consider. Below are a few of the top alternative sites to consider, if you are looking for budget-management solutions and tools.

1. Pipe Drive

This is one of the alternatives to Enloop for business management tools. It is great for small, demanding teams, and those who are working under stringent guidelines and time-restrictions for different projects.

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Some similarities include:
  • There are resources for budgeting and planning for your financial future.
  • You can easily view charts, graphs, and other information to help you better plan out your expenditures as a business owner.
  • It is easy to use, and has a simplistic layout for working with online resources.
Some of the differences are:
  • It is geared more towards the small-business owner. The site isn’t as well-known.
  • There are industry-specific tools. Depending on your industry, you can devise plans for financial improvement and strategy.

In order to use Pipe Drive for your business software needs, you will have to get a custom- tailored quote for your specific industry/niche. There are resources and tools which will affect pricing. So, as a business owner, if you are considering this solution, you should call in to get a quote, or design your own plan online for business use.

2. Sales Fusion 360

If you need to take a 360 view of your business, this alternate to Enloop is the way to do it. You get a view of every aspect, CRM, ERP, and other important metrics, so you can build up your business over time.

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Some similarities to Enloop are:
  • A digital dashboard which is interactive and guides you where you have to go.
  • Simplistic tools, and easy to integrate programming, for any business infrastructure.
  • The ability to custom-tailor the program for your business, and your industry.
Some of the differences are:
  • It works as a B2B tool; it is not intended for small business or personal use.
  • It has tools for marketing and automation as well as financial planning for your company.
  • There are unlimited resources, 24/7 support, and online guides/tutorials, to help you get started with the program.

When you choose this program, you are looking at a minimum cost of $550 per month, for every user. But, as a B2B program, geared to help larger companies and corporations, it is not too far off the price you would pay for other top software programs, to integrate within your organization.

3. Daylite

Another great alternative to Enloop is Daylite. Small, medium, and larger companies will benefit from using this program. Scheduling, automation, financial tools, are a few of the services you get with this program.

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Some similarities are:
  • It has project management solutions built in, for all sized-businesses.
  • There are ERP and CRM tools you can rely on when you need answers.
  • There is a program/feature for any business, regardless of size or industry.
There are also some differences to note which include:
  • Contract management and scheduling. You have more resources to help you build and grow.
  • Calendar management and email integration are nice features for all businesses as well.
  • Notifications and reminders help you develop your company, and improve your financial status as an organization over time.

There is of course the cost you have to figure into your decision-making process, if you are considering this alternative to Enloop. In terms of the pricing, you can expect to pay a $280 per-license fee. Additionally, the services, duration of your plan, and other features, will all have an impact on the overall price you will pay per user with this program.

4. Salesforce

Affordability is a key selling point here. In comparison to other resources which offer an integrate approach to financial management, you will pay far less to use, by Salesforce.

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Some similarities are:
  • A management support system helps your drive production up.
  • You can track changes, and view financial status easily through your dashboard.
  • You can track, edit, and request additional information, when trying to build up your financial integrity as a company.
Some of the differences are:
  • An integrated business-approach. There are many tools at your fingertips, to help you grow.
  • It has tools to align and motivate. Your team is going to sell more, helping you earn higher profit margins.
  • There are marketing tools you can use, to assist you with business-automation.

The price is a real selling-point with this software. In terms of cost, you can expect to find pricing as low as $10 per month, for each user who will be using this software. But, this is a fraction of what you will be paying for other programs which offer similar features. Quoted pricing is available for custom design programs and packages you can choose as well.

5. BitCart Ecommerce

As an ecommerce tool, you can use this and integrate it with other software programs to help drive profits. Not only to help you establish stronger-financial standing, but avoid loss at different junctures.

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Some similarities to Enloop are:
  • You can integrate e commerce, marketing, advertising, and other tools.
  • There is a CRM and ERP component you can rely on.
  • You can track progress, sales, and figures, by your top employees/sales team members.
Some of the differences to consider are:
  • It is more focused on the e commerce end of things. Sales and driving profits is a key component of using this solution.
  • You can create marketplaces. Using Amazon, eBay, and other sites, you can build, develop, and grow your sales teams internally over time.
  • You can use one of the over 50-supported payment gateways. Make more money, and accept payments in more ways from your customers easily.

For as low as $29 per month, for each user on your team, the pricing is quite affordable. And, with additional built-in features, your company will grow exponentially, and you’ll profit margins increase in a shorter period of time as well, as a business owner.