Alternatives to DesignCrowd

An online platform where print and graphic design services are offered. A novel idea, and one which allows business owners to have their design, online service needs, and site development performed for them. With sites like Designcrowd, this is exactly what you are going to find as a business owner.

What is DesignCrowd?

It is basically an online community or platform, where design experts and developers, will offer their services to clients. Sites like Designcrowd give freelancers a place to communicate, to offer services, and a platform for the business owner, to pay depending on the cost they believe is fair for such services. Sites like Designcrowd are a good way to bring together talent (freelancers), with those who need the services (business owner).

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Some benefits of using the site are:

  • Business owners can bid on service needs. You pay what you wish, based upon going value online.
  • There are more people to choose from in the marketplace, so you choose the designer/developer you believe is best qualified to perform services.
  • As a business owner, you find the top professionals, and you find them for the best price.
  • You can choose parameters as a business owner, and set the rules, when deciding who you will hire.

Some of the drawbacks are:

  • It is an online marketplace, so you don’t have all guarantees and warranties as you would working directly with a business for development needs.
  • With nearly 180,000 freelancers, it can be tough to narrow down the best options.
  • You can get overwhelmed in comparing services, and costs, when trying to find the best alternative for your business and site development needs.

In terms of pricing, you are looking at rates from $69 to nearly $700. Again, it depends on what you need as a business owner, and the freelancer you eventually contract with, as to how much you are going to pay on the platform, for the services you choose to hire the professionals to perform.

Benefits of Alternatives to DesignCrowd

Of course, using sites like Designcrowd offers its benefits. But, there are alternatives you can visit as well. Some benefits of using an alternative site include:

  • The ability to find more pinpointed, professional, specialized service providers.
  • The ability to narrow your search, as there are fewer freelancers to choose from.
  • You can easily set parameters, and choose a freelancer based on expertise.
  • You can find a professional who will offer services, for the best price possible, and can bid on freelancers, to find those who will offer you the lowest going rate for services they render.

Of course, you want to hire the best developer, designer, and online expert, when it comes to working on your site as a business owner. Below are a few alternative sites to consider, if you have visited Designcrowd, and are not sold on a professional you wish to hire, when it comes to doing work on your site.

1. Fiverr

One of the best sites like Designcrowd is Fiverr. Imagine paying $5 to design a site, develop content, add an app to your mobile content pages, or perform other online services for your business. With Fiverr this is what you get.

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Similarities between the sites include:
  • You bid on the freelancer you want to hire.
  • You have a larger pool of viable freelancers, for nearly any editing or design job.
  • You can set the parameters based upon business needs, when hiring freelancers.
Some of the differences include:
  • You pay $5 for all services. Freelancers and customers agree on this going rate.
  • You have a pool of professionals and novices alike you can hire.
  • You decide who to hire, and how to go about setting up project terms with freelancers.

The main benefit of this site is the $5 rate. No matter what it is you choose to hire a freelancer to do, this is what you’ll pay. With thousands of online professionals, you have full control of who to hire, and the going rate for the services they will provide, is far lower than you will find anywhere else on the web.

2. Upwork

This is another site like Designcrowd to consider when hiring a freelancer. The beauty of this platform is that you aren’t only dealing with developers, but you can hire freelancers for nearly any service needs.

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Some similarities include:
  • The ability to find specialized experts in their niche, so you can hire the best.
  • Freelancers bid. This means you pay the best rate for your service needs.
  • You can set prices, and freelancers come to you in search of work.
Some of the differences are:
  • There is a large pool of applicants, and they aren’t specialists, but rather generalists.
  • You can set project details based upon what you need as a business owner.
  • You can set up as a recurring or one-time project, based on business needs.

Here you set the price you want to hire a freelancer for, and the pool of freelancers will bid. You can pay as low as $5 for a particular job, to several thousands of dollars, if you wish to hire someone full time or for ongoing work. The price you will pay is going to depend on the worker pool, and the bidding process for the job.

3. Gigster

You post the gig, freelancers will come to you. This is another top alternative to Designcrowd in that you have hundreds, if not thousands of freelancers, who are going to come to you when you need to hire them.

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Some similarities are:
  • It works as a “pool-based” system. Freelancers bid for your project.
  • You set up proposals and freelancers will contact you.
  • The portal is easy to use, and brings freelancers and business owners together.
Some of the differences on the sites include:
  • There is more opportunity for freelancers to bid on, when using this site.
  • “Gigs” or jobs, are posted on an as-needed basis. Business owners choose how and when to post the work.
  • You can set up restrictions on time and bidding. So, it is like a first come, first serve job site or board.

Like the other platforms, the price you are going to pay will depend on the bidding war that takes place. It is up to the freelancers who are qualified to bid on your job post, and from there, you are going to communicate with the freelancer, and can counter-offer, to find an agreed upon price.

4. 99 Designs

If you need to have a design logo made for your business, look no further. Here you can post the parameters, all detail work, and the best specialists are going to come to you for the job you need completed.

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Some similarities are:
  • It works on a bid-system. Freelancers bid on the project.
  • As a business owner, you have top designers work on your promotion.
  • You can do more with online promotion and design work here.
Some of the differences are:
  • You pay a flat-rate here, based upon the type of promotion work.
  • As a business owner, you have to choose a plan, you can’t simply post a small-fee job.
  • There are different levels at which you can sign up on, using this platform.

In terms of the pricing, you are going to pay at least $299 to have your promotion set up, and you will have freelancers bidding on the job. Depending on the type of promotion, and how often you need to have them set up based upon your business needs, there are different plans you can choose from as a business owner when using this site.

5. iClms HR

With a monthly fee you pay as a business owner, you can bring the freelancers to you. Simply sign up for your membership plan, and from there, you are going to have to designers to choose from for your service needs.

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Some similarities are:
  • You can find top designers to bid on jobs.
  • As a business owner, you set up the job parameters.
  • There are several experts you can hire, based upon business needs in design work.
Some of the differences are:
  • The type of job you can post varies based upon freelancer availability.
  • You have control of the posting, duration of posts, and how to set up alerts.
  • You can choose from a large pool of qualified freelancers, which means you only hire the best professionals in their niche, for the jobs you need completed.

Hiring the best professionals is something that can be done by any business owner. Since there are several freelancers from which you can choose as a business owner, there are many top professionals you can hire, and you are in charge of how to set up alerts, pricing, and hire the best professionals based upon service needs.