Alternatives to Compete

If you want to compete in today’s online-driven business world, then Compete is an intuitive program which will help you do just that. Analytics, reports, marketing solutions and more. It is easy to use, and will integrate into any business, regardless of your niche or industry.

What is Compete?

Compete is a business intelligence (BI) app, which will help you better view your statistics, and where you stand in your niche. It will help you to compete with other businesses, help you find out where you need to make changes, and find areas in which you need to modify how you are running your business to succeed.

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It will give you information about sales, marketing, monitoring, forecasting, and more. Using sites like Compete offer many benefits to businesses which include:

  • The ability to view where you are, and forecast where you are going. You can make changes based on trends and analysis.
  • In-depth analysis of your business. You have more information to help you better improve your company’s standing.
  • You have intelligence in real-time. You are viewing data and information as it is unfolding.

There are also a few drawbacks to using sites like Compete. Some of these include:

  • Forecasting isn’t always going to produce results (a forecast is a prediction, it isn’t what will actually happen).
  • Analytics are in-depth, so they might be difficult to read or to understand for certain individuals.
  • Reporting, statistics, and analysis, will only give you a peripheral view of where you stand.

The cost to use sites like Compete are about $249 per month, per user within your organization. This is costly, and it is going to come with a few restrictions, depending on the level of access users will have.

Benefits of Alternatives to Compete

One of the obvious reasons to choose a competitor site is cost; at $250 per month, this software will run you about $3000 a year. In addition to savings, choosing an alternative BI tool will:

  • Provide you with resources and information about your specific niche or industry.
  • Help you realize where changes should be made, and have to be made, in order to ensure your online success as a business owner.
  • Can provide you with real-time reports and analysis, and can provide you different vehicles to help your company grow.
  • Will offer insight about specific marketing and advertising you are doing, so you know where you can make cuts while improving. Of course, you want real-time information and want to know how you can improve your standing as a business owner, in your industry or niche. With sites like Compete, you are going to have this information presented to you in a clear and concise manner. But, if you can’t afford the cost, or simply want to find a more intuitive option for your company to use for BI, below are a few sites to consider rather than using Compete for analysis needs.

1. Quantcast

If you need help quantifying aspects of buying and selling, this is one of the sites like Compete to consider using. In addition to helping you see where you are spending, it will also help you analyze how to change.

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Some similarities to Compete are:
  • Analysis and in-depth information which will show you where you should make changes.
  • Information about spending, and how you can possibly cut back.
  • Information for digital audiences to learn how their company is doing, and where growth can occur.
Some of the differences include:
  • The site is more geared towards quantifying, not so much analyzing information.
  • It will give you detailed figures (numbers), but might not provide as much reasoning for certain metrics you want to track.
  • It is limited in the types of analysis it will provide in certain areas of business.

Quantacast is free to use for anyone. However, there is a pro version which is also available for customers to use. in order to use this, feature-rich version of the program, you will have to call in, so that you can get a quote for the package/custom-design services and features you want to use.

2. Statsaholic

Another site like Compete, which will provide nearly any stat you want to know, this is one to consider. It will not only help you see where you need to make changes, but also how to go about doing so for growth.

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Some similarities include:
  • Statistics are clear, concise, and they are easy to read.
  • You can view charts and graphs, for better visualization.
  • It helps quantify your business earnings, spending, and other aspects.
Some of the differences are:

Some of the differences include:

  • It uses traffic graphs, so it is going to show you traffic on your site.
  • It is geared towards showing you how many visitors, and when they are coming to your site.
  • It will help you modify site layout and SEO, so you can better implement a user-friendly page, and build traffic.

Using statsaholic is free of charge for most users of the program. You can also get a quote for using the service through a pro plan as well. Depending on the type of business and industry, and type of statistical analysis you want to see, the price is going to vary for each customer, so a quote is going to be provided to each user/customer.

3. Traffic Estimate

If you need a tool to help you see who, when, and how often these individuals are visiting your site, this is your tool. In addition to this, it is one of the alternatives to Compete, for analysis as well.

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Some similarities include:
  • The ability to track stats and to view them in chart or graph form when needed.
  • The ability to integrate it with other popular apps, for full collaboration for your business.
  • Easy to use, and intuitive design, provides all BI features you are going to need.
Some of the differences with the sites include:
  • It focuses on traffic, rather than the business functions you are running as a business owner.
  • It provides you with real-time information, so you know who is visiting, when, and how long they are on your site.
  • It will help you develop a rich-page, so that visitors stay longer, and you retain more customers over time.

The site is extremely easy to use. And, it is free of charge for users. Simply input your website address, and you can view traffic, visitors, and other important analytics in a matter of seconds.

4. Similar Web

This is another site like Compete you can use to track business stats. Traffic to the site, visualization, graphs and charts, and more analytics to help you better position yourself as a business owner.

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Some similarities include:
  • The ability to view site content, and use charts/graphs, so you can easily see how things are working.
  • You can use BI tools to help you make changes, find out how you rank, and how you are doing against competitors.
  • You can learn your site’s standing, ranking, and where improvement is needed.
Some of the differences include:
  • Visualization tools are more in-depth, and provide you with richer information for your site.
  • Incorporates Alexa so you have the power of Google by your side to find out relevant information.
  • A user-friendly dash and interface, make it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

With the pro version you are paying $99.95, the guru version will run $149.99, and the business version, is going to run $399.99 per month. It is costly, but it is going to help you grow, and it will provide all intelligence tools you need when analyzing your website.

5. AdClarity

This is a great tool to help you with ad and marketing development. It will provide analysis on how they are working, when, and what changes should be made, to better position yourself as a business.

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Some similarities include:
  • BI features are rich, easy to use, and will guide you through the process of site development.
  • The site will help you find areas where you need to make changes, in order for you to grow.
  • You can easily toggle through the site, to find visualization tools online.
Some of the differences include:
  • You can view ad campaigns, success rates, and other conversion information.
  • You can view site stats, visitors, and ranking, all in one place, in an easy to read dashboard layout.
  • You can create new ways to garner more traffic, and accurately determine how many visitors are coming onto your site.

You have the API, Geosurf, and display tools you can use when you trust Adclarity for your marketing and BI needs. Therefore, depending on the program features chosen, the cost is going to vary. Customers will find that they will have to get a custom-quote for the chosen platform and services.